Quality Control


With our comprehensive equipment in the Quality Control department of Kazcıoğlu Industrial, we perform the quality control of all parts that we manufacture or supply from outside, with state-of-the-art devices. Our experienced team in the quality control department applies important tests such as pulsed and 100% pressure, crushing, shrinkage, salt, tightness to products such as tube, hoses and assemblies.

Our Quality Policy

With the participation of all our employees and being aware that KAZCIOĞLU INDUSTRIAL's customers are from all around the world;

  • Satisfying the customer with its awareness to product quality, environment, occupational health and safety.
  • Adopting that the only acceptable number for customer complaints, environmental impact and work accident is “zero”,
  • Selecting, evaluating and developing its suppliers in line with customer expectations, OHS and EMS activities,
  • Delivering products on time,
  • By reviewing the QMS, EMS and OHS activities, it has adopted the principle of continuous improvement,
  • Aiming to satisfy its employees by creating healthy working conditions,
  • Adopting to fulfill the requirements of customers and other organizations with which it interacts, especially all legal requirements related to environmental aspects and occupational safety in all its activities,
  • Defines, proposes and fulfills the applicable needs, expectations and conditions of relevant parties and stakeholders in line with our strategies,
  • Continuously improving our quality management system, product and service quality, researching and applying new technologies and quality techniques,
  • To be a profitable, constantly growing, developing company that satisfies its stakeholders.